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Generative AI

Challenges in natural language processing and natural language understanding by considering both technical and natural domains IEEE Conference Publication

Overcoming NLP Challenges: Tips and Best Practices

challenge of nlp

Building the business case for NLP projects, especially in terms of return on investment, is another major challenge facing would-be users – raised by 37% of North American businesses and 44% of European businesses in our survey. This could be useful for content moderation and content translation companies. This use case involves extracting information from unstructured data, such as text and images. NLP can be used to identify the most relevant parts of those documents and present them in an organized manner. Natural languages are full of misspellings, typos, and inconsistencies in style. For example, the word “process” can be spelled as either “process” or “processing.” The problem is compounded when you add accents or other characters that are not in your dictionary.

There are 1,250-2,100 languages in Africa alone, most of which have received scarce attention from the NLP community. The question of specialized tools also depends on the NLP task that is being tackled. Cross-lingual word embeddings are sample-efficient as they only require word translation pairs or even only monolingual data. They align word embedding spaces sufficiently well to do coarse-grained tasks like topic classification, but don’t allow for more fine-grained tasks such as machine translation. Recent efforts nevertheless show that these embeddings form an important building lock for unsupervised machine translation. Machines relying on semantic feed cannot be trained if the speech and text bits are erroneous.


Information in documents is usually a combination of natural language and semi-structured data in forms of tables, diagrams, symbols, and on. A human inherently reads and understands text regardless of its structure and the way it is represented. Today, computers interact with written (as well as spoken) forms of human language overcoming challenges in natural language processing easily. When training machine learning models to interpret social media platforms it’s very important to understand these cultural differences.

The model achieved state-of-the-art performance on document-level using TriviaQA and QUASAR-T datasets, and paragraph-level using SQuAD datasets. Fan et al. [41] introduced a gradient-based neural architecture search algorithm that automatically finds architecture with better performance than a transformer, conventional NMT models. Natural Language Processing plays an essential part in technology and the way humans interact with it. Though it has its limitations, it still offers huge and wide-ranging advantages to any business. With new techniques and technology cropping up every day, many of these barriers will be broken through in the coming years. Let’s go through some examples of the challenges faced by NLP and their possible solutions to have a better understanding of this topic.

How NLP Works?

This volume will be of interest to researchers of computational linguistics in academic and non-academic settings and to graduate students in computational linguistics, artificial intelligence and linguistics. The world’s first smart earpiece Pilot will soon be transcribed over 15 languages. The Pilot earpiece is connected via Bluetooth to the Pilot speech translation app, which uses speech recognition, machine translation and machine learning and speech synthesis technology. Simultaneously, the user will hear the translated version of the speech on the second earpiece. Moreover, it is not necessary that conversation would be taking place between two people; only the users can join in and discuss as a group. As if now the user may experience a few second lag interpolated the speech and translation, which Waverly Labs pursue to reduce.

However, the limitation with word embedding comes from the challenge we are speaking about — context. Spelling mistakes and typos are a natural part of interacting with a customer. Our conversational AI uses machine learning and spell correction to easily interpret misspelled messages from customers, even if their language is remarkably sub-par. Our conversational AI platform uses machine learning and spell correction to easily interpret misspelled messages from customers, even if their language is remarkably sub-par.

The same techniques we apply to other aspects of our world to uncover new patterns can also be successfully applied to language. Clustering, for example, can uncover inherent patterns grouping texts together into related sets; sometimes these sets correspond to meaningful topic areas or areas of human endeavor. This is an example of unsupervised learning applied to texts (using untagged data), which is quick and requires the least upfront knowledge of the data. This type of approach is best applied in situations where little is known about the data, and a high-level view is desired. Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer to analyze and understand human language. NLP is a subset of artificial intelligence focused on human language and is closely related to computational linguistics, which focuses more on statistical and formal approaches to understanding language.

Women in Tech: “Tech underpins all aspects of life today”. –

Women in Tech: “Tech underpins all aspects of life today”..

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Pragmatic level focuses on the knowledge or content that comes from the outside the content of the document. Real-world knowledge is used to understand what is being talked about in the text. By analyzing the context, meaningful representation of the text is derived. When a sentence is not specific and the context does not provide any specific information about that sentence, Pragmatic ambiguity arises (Walton, 1996) [143].

Best Practices and Tips for Multilingual NLP

It is therefore critical to enhance the methods used with a probabilistic approach in order to derive context and proper domain choice. A breaking application should be intelligent enough to separate paragraphs into their appropriate sentence units; however, highly complex data might not always be available in easily recognizable sentence forms. This data may exist in the form of tables, graphics, notations, page breaks, etc., which need to be appropriately processed for the machine to derive meanings in the same way a human would approach interpreting text. Shaip focuses on handling training data for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Platforms with Human-in-the-Loop to create, license, or transform data into high-quality training data for AI models. Their offerings consist of Data Licensing, Sourcing, Annotation and Data De-Identification for a diverse set of verticals like healthcare, banking, finance, insurance, etc.

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