Restaurant Cash-Handling Procedures and Best Practices ICL

cash handling policy for restaurant

This method also works well when it comes to reducing the risk of theft and catching mistakes before they slip through the cracks. Andrea holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario. She enjoys travelling and has a passion for personal fitness, including obtaining her kettlebell certification. Pair video with every transaction, track motion across your premises, and track cash as it moves through your business using Camera Linking.

Even though it may be busy, take a few seconds to examine any bill over $20 the bill to ensure that it is real. Look for watermarks and other marks of authenticity or use your counterfeit pen on the bill. She is a graduate of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration restaurant cash flow management and the Culinary Institute of America and has worked in restaurants from New York to Alaska. To see how Solink can help with remote video monitoring, sign up for a demo today. First, you can pull up the transaction on the Solink platform and watch the transaction.

It’s as American as Apple Pie

Cash handling becomes much harder when you expand to multiple locations and can no longer directly oversee everything. Remote video monitoring helps you maintain clear oversight from anywhere, at any time. Be sure to instruct staff to count cash in a way that gives the camera a clear and complete view of the cash being counted so you can audit cash counts when necessary. Since the arithmetic is easier, mistakes are less likely to happen. It also works well with the previous tip by verbally confirming the bill, cash received, and change. This is especially important for waitstaff who are making change at the table instead of using a POS.

cash handling policy for restaurant

These cash-related responsibilities add to the already demanding workload of running a full-service restaurant, highlighting the need for effective cash management strategies. Use deposit slips or smart safe web portals or reports to verify no discrepancies. Additionally, CCTV security cameras to monitor cash registers, cash drawers, and safes at all times can help address discrepancies and reconcile them.

Common Challenges for Cash Handling in Restaurants

If your business is shorthanded, employees are more likely to rush and make mistakes when preparing deposits or issuing change. Even with video surveillance that oversees cash handling, you should never have only one staff member onsite. Effective restaurant cash management requires being detailed and diligent. Write out every detail of the cash handling procedures your restaurant staff should follow.